Directors and Officers Insurance

Directors and Officers owe a duty of care to their companies. If there is a breach of duty, a Director or Officer can be held legally liable.

InsurePlus can protect your firm's Directors and Officers for costs resulting from lawsuits arising out of poor management decisions, employee dismissals, shareholder grievances, and other such acts committed in good faith.

There is an increasing likelihood for a Court or company Stake-holders to hold a Director or Officer personally liable for:

  • Their negligence in operating a company or
  • The behaviour of a company

Directors & Officers, whether it is a Chief Executive or a General Manager are individually and collectively responsible for the operations and finances of a company.

Mistakes may occur:

Unwise Investments

  • Inadequate insurance arranged
  • Poor supervision
  • Imprudent borrowing
  • Incorrect advise in relation to purchase of competitor
  • Errors of judgement

Cover may be in two parts:

  • Initially the policy will cover the company against the successful defence of a claim against a Director
  • Cover extends to the Director where he doesn’t receive indemnity

Cover can include Employers Practices Liability (EPL) claims which could be bullying or harassment (or similar) in the workplace.

Why leave yourself with a potential Personal exposure when you can protect yourself from litigation. Cover can include defence costs and compensation.

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