Property Insurance

Property claims can result from a variety of ways;

- A Fire at a Clinic
- Stolen Stock
- or simply spilling tea on your Laptop.

Therefore there is a variety of covers on offer. It is important to pick the correct cover to cover most eventualities.

Simply put, cover can be divided into 2 parts:

1) Fire & Perils
2) “All Risks”

1) Fire & Perils
Obviously gives cover for Fire but also includes damage as a result of the following Perils:

Lightning, Explosion, Aircraft, Riot Civil Commotion & Malicious Damage, Earthquake, Storm, Flood, Escape of Water, Spontaneous Combustion, Subterranean Fire and Impact

2) All Risks
This is probably not a clever term for cover as it implies that everything is covered which is unfortunately not the case.

Cover includes the perils listed under "Fire & Perils" also includes Accidental Damage (AD)

Example: AD would cover if you were practising your golf swing in the lounge and you drive your golf club through the TV.

We would recommend that you choose the All Risks option for insuring your property. The price will be higher than the other options but the cover is wider.

Other covers to consider when you are protecting your business
Subsidence, Terrorism, Sprinkler Leakage, Theft, Glass, Money, Computers

It is important to note that for Theft cover to apply there must be forcible and violent entry/exit to the property – if any item simply goes missing it is likely that it won’t be covered under your policy.

When insuring your Property it is important to consider the cost of re-instating (as opposed to the market value).