Technology Insurance

A targeted hack or just a lost laptop could expose your business to unlimited costs and expenses. We provide insurance to cover data and structural exposures to protect your business.

As experts in providing cyber insurance we understand the value of providing the most appropriate protection to suit your business. We are pleased to offer many additional benefits including:

Hacker damage
If a hacker causes damage to your websites, programs or electronic data, or steals any program or data you hold electronically, Hacker Damage insurance will reimburse you for costs of repair, replacement or restoration.

Cyber extortion
Rather than hack into and damage your websites or data, a hacker may hold your business to ransom at the threat of doing so. Insurers can provide leading security risk consultancy to assist in the handling of the situation, their cyber extortion would cover you for any final ransom paid to minimise the disruption to your operations.

Cyber business interruption
How would you be affected if a hacker, competitor or other third-party targeted your computer systems to prevent you earning revenue online?
Cyber business interruption aims to compensate you for earnings you miss out on in this situation.

Cyber liability
The content of a website or an email to a client can easily be read the wrong way, or could have mistakenly infringed someone’s copyright. We will work with you to respond to claims which arise out of your online content.

Breach Costs

Forensic investigations:
Covering the costs to find out what went wrong and to confirm whose data has been put at risk.

Whether to individuals, the payment card industry (PCI) or a regulator, you can cover the costs to draft and deliver notifications.

Customer support:
Cover your costs if you need to set up a call centre or offer credit monitoring services to affected customers.

Public relations:
If you need support in rebuilding your reputation, consider covering the costs to employ a specialist firm.

Privacy protection

Third-party liability:
Protection to defend and settle claims against you for failing to keep your personal data secure.

Regulatory actions:
Investigations by regulators or the PCI can be expensive to defend. Cover your defence costs and legal services.